Velibor Perisic


A Few Ideas To Help You Sell Your Home

Tip 1

Make sure all closets are organized. Pre-pack off season items as well as items you don’t use on a daily basis. Buyers want to know how much storage there is so you need to show them. Try to get as much off the floor of the closest as possible.

Tip 2

Make your house sparkle. You want to clean every inch of the house. Buyers want to buy a house that is well maintained and that they can just move in and live.

Tip 3

When it comes to furniture placement take a look at your house and how your rooms are laid our. Remember… buyers usually travel in threes. You want to position your furniture so that when they are tutoring your home all the rooms feel spacious and open.

Tip 4

If you have dated wood cabinets think about painting them. If you have dark counters paint the cabinets a lighter colour and if you have light counters go with a darker colour. Make sure to clean the cabinets before sanding and painting. Use melamine paint and paint front and back of doors as well as the trim around the cabinets. Once they are completely dry install new and updated hardware.

For Sale By Owner

When it comes time to sell your home, should you try to sell it on your own, or should you list it with a licensed Realtor? Consider the following factors to help you decide:


Realtors, or real estate agents, are part of an office of agents, and each of them knows of buyers that are currently in the market for a home. Their buyers are pre-qualified, that is, they have already seen a lender and have qualified for a loan so the buyer knows exactly how much they can afford, and the Realtor does too. In many areas, a realtor won’t even show homes to a buyer until they pre-qualify. The process saves a lot of wasted time on everybody’s part.

Contrast this with the prospect of you putting up a “For Sale” sign in your front yard, and having to deal with people that will be calling you to talk about your house and want to walk through it, even though they don’t have the resources to actually buy it. In the end, they are just wasting your time.

Realtors also have contact with many people from out of town who are relocating to your area. Each realtor in town gets contacted frequently through their website, by people that are looking for a home by long-distance. They may be coming to town soon to look at

available homes for a few days. The Realtor lines up a number of homes for them to tour that fit their criteria. One of them could be yours.

But, if you FSBO, that potential buyer won’t know your house is on the market until they get to town, if then.


A real estate agent will be able to assist in setting the right price to list your home, according to the current market conditions.

A real estate agent is a trained professional who will spend the necessary amount of time it may take to get your home SOLD.

The agent understands and will take care of all the necessary paperwork to complete the buying process. The agent will also act as a liaison between you and the inspectors, the buyer’s agent, and between attorneys, if they are involved.

Most buyers prefer to deal with a real estate agent because the agent will give them the unbiased professional opinion on a house, and how it stacks up against other houses on the market.

Agents understand all the different types of loans and financing options. They can provide information to buyers about local lending institutions to fit their needs.